How Businesses Can Provide Health Benefit Plans to Their Employees


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Did you know that about 98 percent of all companies in Canada are made up of small businesses with between two and 100 employees? For the most part, small businesses cannot afford to provide employee health benefits plans to their employees because of the highs cost to do so. However, in Canada, health care is provided by the government, so employee benefit services are not as important or influential as they are in America.

The Canada Health Transfer, or CHT, is the Canadian government’s transfer payment program in support of the health systems of the provinces and territories of Canada. For historical reasons, the Canada Health Act’s definition of insured services is actually largely restricted to care delivered in hospitals or by physicians. However, pharmaceutical medications are covered by public funds for the elderly or indigent Canadians.

Canada’s provincially based Medicare systems are cost-effective partly because of their administrative simplicity. For the most part, health benefits plans are integral to keeping employees happy and making them feel appreciated. With that said, even Canadian companies can look into supplemental benefit plans they can give their employees, as well as providing things like employee tax benefits. Check out this website for more:

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