Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Without Health Insurance


Personal medical insurance

It’s a fact: everyone needs health insurance. No matter how old you are or how much money you make, you should never go without a health insurance policy.

Yet in 2013, the LIMRA Life Insurance Barometer Study found that only 62% of Americans have health insurance. If you’re one of that 62%, now is the best time to seek out health insurance agents for an effective health insurance policy.

Here are the four reasons why you shouldn’t go without a health insurance policy from health insurance agents:

1. Not having health insurance could cost you even more: Accidents happen all the time. And a trip to the emergency room without a health insurance policy could cost hundreds of dollars, depending on what your emergency is. Personal medical insurance from health insurance agents is essential in saving you from going into debt over an accident.

2. Having a health insurance policy means you’ll be more likely to get preventive care: People who have a health insurance policy from health insurance agents are statistically more likely to go to their doctor for regular check-ups and screenings. These are essential for making sure you spot any serious illnesses before they become inoperable or fatal.

3. Health insurance is protecting yourself: You have car insurance and homeowner’s insurance — so why wouldn’t you get insurance for your own body? Health insurance agents offer policies that can ensure you stay safe in the event of an emergency. Your health comes first, which is why you should pursue a personal insurance cover.

4. Independent health insurance agents can work with you to find the right policy for your needs: Health insurance agents are experienced at getting the most affordable policies for their clients. No matter what your budget is, you can afford health insurance. Protecting your health isn’t an option. Find out more about this topic here.