Understanding the Basics of Auto Insurance


One of the fundamental essentials when owning a car is having car insurance. Whether it is having for safety purposes, maintenance, or in case of accidents, car owners should know and understand the basics of auto insurance. Here are the basics of car insurance.

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Basic Coverages of Auto Insurance

1. Liability Coverage- the coverage you need in the vent that you’re at fault for involving in an automobile accident. This coverage offers two types of protection, coverage for injuries and coverage for damage to someone else’s property while you or a family member was operating any automobile.

2. Medical Payments Coverage – help pay medical expenses related to injuries sustained in the accident by you or your passenger. This cover comes into play no matter who is at fault.

3. Uninsured Motorist – this coverage protects you in the case where you are involved in the accident and the other party involved is not carrying car liability insurance, or their car is not insured. At the same time, nderinsured happens when an accident occurs, and the other party is not fully insured or not enough.

4. Physical Damage Coverage – covers your automobile’s direct and accidental loss. There are two parts to physical damage coverage: collision coverage, where your car impacts another vehicle. Second is the ‘other than collision’ coverage which covers any other type of direct or accidental loss not excluded by your policy.

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