Here is Criminal Law Explained


In this video, you will learn about criminal law. The basic elements of the brain are that if you have committed a criminal act, but you didn’t act with a guilty mind, you are less guilty. When something is premeditated, it is more punishable.

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You can’t commit a crime without acting. A guilty mind is the first thing that intdents for a guilty mind. tHe world is full of criminals who did not pull it off for all sorts of reasons. Thre is a lot of exampesof people who have thought about committing an act, but haven’ actually committed it. You can’t convict someone who has a guilty mind but did not actually do the act. Even if you did comitt the crime, you might not have had a guilty mind. While you could recklessly comitt mansighter, you can’t recklessly dommit it. It might be a crime, but the attemt didn ot take place. If you kill someone while sleepwalking, are you guilty of murder? IF you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for even more information.

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