What is Towing Business Insurance?



Getting towing business insurance can be a struggle and understanding pricing and coverages to make sure your business is protected is confusing. Keep reading to learn about what towing business insurance is and what you need to know about it.

Since towing comes with risks like being on the side of the road, the mechanism of getting a car onto a flatbed, towing something damaged, or pulling a vehicle out of a ditch, it can be hard to find a company that offers towing business insurance. This is because these risks create opportunities for damage to third parties, general liability losses, or damage to property in your procession.

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Injuries to employees are common in this business. Since there is physical labor employees can break fingers, bones, or get sprains. Since this happens regularly, towing businesses need workers’ compensation insurance.

While many insurance agents will try to piece together coverages for you from different carriers, it is always best to find a single carrier. Using different carriers can make you overpay, delay claims, and creates an opportunity for companies to fight over losses. If you can, find a single carrier for your core insurances which are general liability, garage keepers, property, on-hook, and workers compensation.


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