What is SR-22 Insurance?


What is SR-22 insurance? Many people think that it is a type of insurance. However, it is not technically insurance at all. It is a document that states that you have the required amount of liability insurance on your vehicle.

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An SR-22 is not required of everyone. It is generally a requirement for people that have gotten numerous traffic violations or been in numerous crashes. Generally, it is a way for the government to insure that these high risk drivers are not putting others at risk by not having liability insurance. Many times, drivers who have their license suspended will need a SR-22 as a requirement to have their license restored. This is determined by the court that is dealing with the infraction in the first place.

There are many reasons for the court requiring a SR-22. For example, drivers that were intoxicated while driving often require an SR-22. People who have accident histories that don’t carry insurance may be required to obtain an SR-22. However, there are other reasons too. People on probation may also need a SR-22. Some people who fail to pay child support may also need this document.


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