What to Know Before Talking with a Car Salesman


Are you purchasing a new vehicle and are unsure of how to conduct yourself at the dealership? Whether you’re buying a brand new car or searching at a used car dealership, salesmen will always try to talk their way into making more money. Here are a few things to avoid so that you can make sure to get the best deal!

There are some questions you should be weary about answering when you hear them, so always come prepared! Know why you are there and hold your ground! If they ask about how much you’re willing to pay or how your credit is, always have a number in your head, but don’t give them a firm answer. They will try to maximize your budget if you give them a number.

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Another question to avoid is how much money you will be able to put down on a new vehicle, and how much you think your current car is worth because you might undervalue your trade-in.

Again, their main goal is to have you buy a vehicle that is at the top of your price range. Eventually, you will have to answer these questions. The best time to do this is when you have made a decision on what you want, and the salesman is ready to provide you with numbers.


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