How Much to Charge for Auto Repair


You have been saving money for quite a while, or you have managed to acquire a loan, and now you are a proud owner of an auto repair business. There are so many vehicles today

How To Make Your Auto Shop a Success in 2021


There are over 233,000 auto repair shops in the United States, and more-and-more are being added every single day. Whether it’s a chain of shops that provided the name-brand convenience drivers are comfortable with or

What to Do After Being In a Car Accident


People get into crashes regularly, especially in the United States. Many people own or rent cars, which puts them at greater risk of being in anything from a mild fender bender to a serious wreck.

auto repair garage

What to Do When You Need Help Paying for Auto Repairs


Most car owners struggle to find the perfect auto repair shop within their area. Although you can find countless mechanics and auto repair shops around your neighborhood, you might be looking for a specific establishment

Navigating the Insurance Process After a Car Accident


When traveling in our vehicles, safety should be the number one priority. Included on every learner’s permit and driving license exam are numerous questions about driving safety. It is important to practice due diligence while

Understanding the Importance of Car Insurance


According to Zebra’s 2022 State of Auto Insurance Report, the average insurance cost rose to $1,529 in 2021, a 3% hike from 2020. High premiums mean more consumers are looking for ways to save on


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